Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 5

Problem: The problem is that burning fossil fuel and clearing forests is increasing the Earth's temperature.

Statistics: There are many stats that support global warming. One stat is that the number of category four and five hurricanes has doubled in the past 30 years. Another stat is that Malaria is reaching new altitudes like 7,000ft. A third stat is that 279 species of plants and animals are moving closer to the poles.

Evidence: There is a lot of evidence that supports global warming. Another piece of evidence is that the flow of warm ocean currents towards Northwest Europe has declined by 30% since the 1950s. Another piece of evidence that supports global warming is that researchers have found a 50% increase in currents circulating within subtropical seas without researching higher latitudes. That is more warm waters are staying put in the tropics.

Examples and References: There are many examples and references that support global warming. One example is that Cyclone Larry is a category 5 storm with wind bursts that reached 180mph developed through out Northeast Australia. Another example that supports global warming is the firestorms in Indonesia which were caused by the fires started by a drought that swept through the island nation. Another example that supports global warming is the sections of ice breaking off in the Arctic Circle and in Antarctica. Hurricane Katrina and the devastation in New Orleans are related to global warming.

Solution: There are many things that can be done to solve global warming. One solution is to use energy more efficiently. Another solution is to watch what you eat because agriculture is one of the leading producers of greenhouse gas emissions and the emissions contribute to global warming. Another way to reduce global warming is to reduce the miles you drive and to keep your car tuned up. Some more solutions to global warming are to conserve and protect our forests and to encourage the switch to renewable energy. If we don't stop now it could be too late.


Sednecker said...

Yo, Charlie homie, very nice BUT,

your format is kinda of confusing. Are the stats evidence and the example contributing factors??
Also you might want to list them instead of trying to do it in sentence form right now.

Peace, Sedz

tarynOUTMYHEART said...

I agree with the said "Sednecker", your format is quite confusing, although it may be properly written on paper. you added some great facts. try re-wording or re-stating some of your sentences, use proper grammer, and go in and state what you feel you are towards this topic. (moderate, alarmist, etc, etc..)

good work, though.

- Taryn Severson; Hr. 2


Good Job of getting your homework done! You could put your information in a nice organized format. (Example: Problem-The problem is...)You also need to cite your sources. I just wrote the link name from Hatten's webquest. Otherwise, good job, but you should look at the Global Cooling stuff too.

Valentina Y
Hour 3

Kristin said...

Hey! It is pretty good, but it's like all ur doing is listing things. Try changing ur sentences around a lil bit so it isn't like u are just listing things.

Kristin R. Hr.3

Alexis said...

Hey Charles (hehehe) Ardvark! Hah!
Well you did a super duper good job on your the great details of evidence! I am so proud of you!Way to stay caught up!


Buh Bye!

Alexis said...

Oh sorry I frogot to say I am in 3rd Hour! Oops!