Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 1- RAFT

For my spring break I went to Chandler, Arizona. In Arizona it was hot and sunny everyday. On Saturday it was 104 degrees. Everybody in Arizona has nice cars with the big rims and the blacked out windows. While in Arizona I went swimming and golfing. The golf course i went golfing on cost $175. My brother and I also harassed the golfers in my aunt and uncle's back yard. I also watched a spring training baseball game the Royals versus the Angels. The stadium was surrounded by mountains and people laid in the grass in the outfield . My aunt and uncle also took my brother and I to some fancy restaurants for dinner. one restaurant was built into the side of the mountain. I also went to a water park and the movies. I saw 300 it was a pretty good movie.

I am excited for third trimester because that means the school year is almost over and summer is almost here. This trimester I also get to have new classes like gym and I get to meet new people.

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